63rd Independent: All hope not lost for Nigeria – Clergy

By Sylvanus Viashima, Jalingo

As Nigeria marks her 63rd Independence anniversary amidst extreme hardship, the Catholic Priest in Charge of Saint Justina’s Pastoral Centre, Mayo-Dassa in Jalingo Diocese, Rev. Fr. Greg Nbashi has assured the people that all hope is not lost and Nigeria will still rise to greatness despite the challenges.

Fr. Nbashi who gave the assurance during the Sunday sermon regretted that sentiments, bad leadership has impaired the development of the country for the last six decades of nationhood.

Taking his message from the Holy Gospel according to Mathew Chapter Two, the Clergyman insisted that if God would direct His Son to go back to Egypt, the land of slavery, for safety, then all hope is not lost for the country as God can always turn things around for good.

“I know that most of us have either given up on the country or feel there is nothing to celebrate on such a day as we mark our Independence. The hardship is apparent. Most people live in their country as slaves and refugees. It is sad that we are constantly hunted by insecurity and abject poverty. Hunger has become a new normal even among facing communities who usually had food in excess.

“It is therefore understandably that disillusionment is setting in and people are giving up hope. It is also understandably that most people no longer have confidence in the system and do not trust government policies and promises.

“Today, I stand here in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ to assure you that, if Egypt, the land of slavery and captivity could become the land of safety for the Child of God, then there is hope that this land of corruption, this land of oppression, this land that has become a threat to freedom and freewill, this land smeared with innocent blood, this land of cruel insecurity, will become a land of safety and prosperity, where we can all go about our activities and businesses without fear.

“Nigeria shall become great again. But we must dispose ourselves to be used in the development of this country and the enthronement of the kingdom we all desire. It is unfortunate that we have leaders who are more determined to encourage division along religious and ethnic lines. God’s design is for us to live together in love and unity. Like the scriptures say, in His days shall justice flourish and great peace forever.

“However, we must also play our respective roles. We must stop selling our conscience for Maggi and rice. We must begin to look out for credible persons to rule over us, irrespective of their ethno-religious backgrounds. We must begin to deal fairly and justly at our levels and insist that the right things are done.

“As parents, it is important that we reach our children the right values and instill in them the right principles. Wealth is not everything. Consequently, we must teach our children that ill gotten wealth only brings sorrow. Extravagant wealth, gotten through the shed blood of others can never bring happiness. Contentment must become our watchword” Nbashi said.

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