Aisha Yesufu, The Woman Who Told Her Husband She’s Lazy and Hates House Chores Marks 22 Years In Wedlock

Abuja (Precise Post) – The bring back our girls convener, Aisha Yesufu, who told her husband she is lazy, hates house chores and falls sick always when he proposed to her has celebrated her twenty-two years in marriage.

Aisha Yesufu

She has shared some of the things she told her husband before they got married when she took to her Twitter handle.

According to the activist, when her husband proposed, he did not go down on one knee and she also told him she is lazy and hates house chores.

She went on to say that in their first year of marriage, her husband got people to handle the house chores.

She tweeted thus;

”When my husband proposed, (not on bended knees). I told him I was lazy and hated house chores and also I was always sick. The sickness stopped but I still hate house chores. From our first year of marriage, he got people to help me with house chores. This year will be 22 years!”

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