Angela Okorie Receives Death Threat For Attacking Mercy Johnson

For speaking out against Mercy Johnson, Nigerian actress, Angela Okorie has received death threat. 

Angela Okorie has received a death threat on her son for a statement she made hours ago, corroborating the story of actress Sonia Ogiri that Mercy Johnson is mean to other actresses. Sonia Ogiri shared a post, revealing how Mercy Johnson bullied her years ago on a movie set. And Angela Okorie commented on the story, claiming Mercy treated her same way and when she confronted her, Mercy began fighting her “spiritually and physically” Angela’s comment allegedly got her a DM from an Instagram user threatening her son with death if she doesn’t apologize to Mercy Johnson. 

The IG user wrote: “Angela hmmm you have bite the wrong meat accusing Mercy Johnson of attacking you spiritually i give you seven days to go back and apologize for your lies or else your son will die.” Sharing a screenshot of the DM, Angela prayed against the death threat on her son and also cursed the person wishing her death. 

 She wrote:Only if you know how many altersI have raised for GodOnly if you know who my son isBefore he was conceived God knew himMay death visit your full generationAny gathering that is not of the lordThey shall scatterYou evil spirit may you drink your own blood and eat your own fleshAny coven that my name and my sons name has been mentionedHoly ghost fire destroy you allIn the seaIn the air , in a native doctor’s shrineOku monso gbagbuogiBe destroyed and removed from the surfaceOf the earth ,Since you wish my son deathMay your generation be closedMy sons is the future president of this countryMy son breathes with the life of christHe died when God diedGod himself gave him that lifeHe shall not dieHe will continue to make me and the world proud Amen,No peace for the wickedAny witch hovering aroundBlood sucking demonDie now in Jesus mighty name AmenI am untouchableThe lord lives in me , my son , my householdIs covered with the blood of Jesus Amen .


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