Burkina Faso leader warns Tinubu and ECOWAS that they are prepared to fight

BURKINA FASO- The confrontation between the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) and Junta states may have just escalated. There are reportedly thousands of recorded deaths as a result of the back-and-forth between the two parties, and Burkina Faso blames ECOWAS. This has resulted in a grievance, which was expounded on during a speech by military commander Capitaine Ibrahim Traoré.

The Junta states in West Africa, Niger, Mali, and Burkina Faso and the regional bloc ECOWAS have been at odds, occasionally throwing jabs at each other. While ECOWAS has been imposing economic sanctions on these countries, Burkina Faso, along with other Junta governments, has decided to opt out of the regional bloc.

However, considering the recent remarks in a speech given by the Junta head of Burkina Faso, Capitaine Ibrahim Traoré, ECOWAS’s actions have had terrible repercussions.

A tweet by the journalist Sy Marcus Herve Traore showed that Burkina Faso’s Junta leader, Capitaine Ibrahim Traoré holds ECOWAS particularly its head, Nigeria’s president Bola Ahmed Tinubu responsible for the the deaths of thousands of Nigériens.

During Capitaine Ibrahim Traoré’s speech, he mentioned that the sanctions imposed on the people of Niger by ECOWAS have led to the death of thousands of its citizens. He noted that this however has not taken away the fighting spirit of the Nigérien people.

“Do you think there are weak men who are in Niger? There are fighters over there. The Nigérien army is warlike. They have been fighting for years. It’s not an army of parade or a peacekeeping army. And the armies of the AES decided to unite,” Capitaine Ibrahim Traoré said.

He also mentioned that they are prepared to take on the ECOWAS forces that had been touted to be on standby.

“We are waiting for that standby force (ECOWAS). Thousands of Nigériens died on their hospital beds because of a lack of electricity or lack of medicine. It is a crime! They are responsible for these sanctions, they are responsible for these deaths.”

In recent weeks, the Junta states have decided on a confederation exclusive to them. Their decision to form their own confederation dubbed the Alliance of Sahel States (AES), precedes their decision to leave the West African bloc.

During his speech the captain mentioned the growing strength and resilience of the AES, noting that ECOWAS’s retraction of electricity in Mali only served to make the people more invested in their new Junta government.

“They tried to make Mali suffer, and of course by ignoring all the texts to no longer supply Mali with electricity, hoping that the population will revolt. It is not working. When it lasted, some were obliged to make their own people pay, by increasing the cost of electricity. It will increase again (meaning, we don’t need them, because we are developing solar panels for solar energy and very soon all the AES will have nuclear plants,” Capitaine Ibrahim TRAORÉ said.

He also spoke about the closing of seaports which go against international laws.

Sy Marcus Herve Traore went on to conclude in his tweet that the ECOWAS leadership has been very irresponsible in handling this situation which has led to economic complications and the death of thousands of Nigériens.

“This is why Captain said that all of ECOWAS and I must add, all those pulling the strings are all responsible for those sanctions and for the deaths of thousands of Nigériens. @officialABAT Sir their blood is on your hands,” he said.

It’s apparent that both ECOWAS and the Junta nations have different opinions and frustrations about the situation. The implementation of economic sanctions by ECOWAS, as well as the establishment of the Alliance of Sahel States (AES) by the Junta, highlight the complicated dynamics at play.

ECOWAS on one hand, holds true to its original ideals, while the AES has rejected these ideals owing to its Western heritage. The group wishes to form a new government that is completely free from any Western influence.

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