Choose a Wife Wisely! How Nollywood Comedian Mr. Ibu Died All Alone Has Been Countered

The narration that legendary Nollywood comedian, John Okafor aka Mr Ibu died all alone should be a reminder to every man to choose his wife wisely has been countered in a video.

Mr Ibu went through it all with the women in his life – first wife divorced him & took all his savings. He started from scratch again, married his second wife, unfortunately got diabetes, his career stopped

Second wife blew his money, he had to resort to begging from fans for his medical bills. That time, his second wife demanded an iPhone 15 from that charity money. It gets worse his step daughter blew the charity money. He died all alone and miserable

Meanwhile another legendary Nollywood icon Olu Jacobs got diagnosed with dementia. Guess what his wife, has-been with him, personifying the vows “in sickness and in health”. He will not die a miserable death, by his side will be a loyal caring wife

Once again, when it comes to picking a woman to spend the rest of your life with, look beyond looks, sexual appeal, sophistication, education etc. Look for traits that matter – femininity, loyalty, humility, empathy, compassion

Learn OR perish!!!

Another video from Paul Muchemwa has emerged contrary to the above narrative, where Mr. Ibu’s wife was seen feeding and taking care of him while on sick bed.

(Copied from The Salt of The Earth X account)

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