Drama As Politician Is Caught By His Wife In Bed With Another Woman

China – A married politician has been disgraced after he was caught in bed with another woman by his own wife. 

 A Chinese Communist Party official has been sacked after his wife allegedly caught him in bed with another woman.

Leaked video clips of the altercation went viral this week, sparking an outcry. 

The official, a leader of a town in the province of Guizhou, was fired yesterday after the local party authority had a discussion.
 The man, identified as Jia Ding, was stripped of his post as Party Committee Secretary of Yongle Town, which is in Xinpu New Area in Zunyi City.

Footage in question started circulating on Chinese social media from Wednesday after reportedly being shared by Mr Jia’s wife. 

Descriptions that came with the videos claimed a half-naked man in the video was an official in Xinpu and a woman in underwear was his lover. 

One of the video shows a woman, who is wearing a salmon pink top and said to be Mr Jia’s wife, screaming at the alleged mistress.

The suspected lover tries to cover her face and tells the furious wife: ‘This is your problem. Can you discuss yourself? It has nothing to do with me.’
 The wife, who appears even angrier, answers: ‘Has nothing to do with you? You seduced my husband and now says it has nothing to do with you?’

The wife then attempts to grab the alleged mistress’s face to show it to the camera. She yells ‘show it clearly’.

She and a male helper then shout ‘call the police’. 

Mr Jia’s alleged girlfriend begs the wife not to use violence and the shirtless Mr Jia then appears in the frame trying to pull his wife away. 

In a separate clip, a middle-aged woman believed to be Mr Jia’s family member accuses his wife of being ‘a shrew’.
 The family member also claims that Mr Jia only made a mistake that 90 per cent of the men would make. 

The Party Work Committee of the Xinpu New Area yesterday confirmed the authenticity of the footage and the man’s identity. 

The authority said in a statement that it had decided to remove Mr Jia from his position after a discussion. 

Further investigation has been launched, according to the statement.


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