“Eliminate The Concept Of My Thief Better Pass Your Thief” – Charly Boy Advises Nigerians On Voting Wisely

Nigerian media personality and actor, Charly Boy known as Area Fada has warned Nigerians on voting wisely in the coming election.

In the post, Charly Boy could be seen carrying a placard showing the Yoruba, Igbo, and Hausa with writing beneath them stating that they are all humans.

In contrast, the caption of his post stated the need to eliminate the mentality of ‘my thief better pass your thief.’

“We need to eliminate the concept of ‘my thief better pass your thief.’ If you like choose your criminal brother/friend bcos he’s from your village or he’s your benefactor. If you like keep promoting division by class, ethnicity, and religiosity instead of competency.

“Na the same market we all most go buy food. Every human requires food, water, light, and security to survive and every human has a heart that bleeds, loves, and grieves.

“As there is a downpour of vawulence and insecurity, it will not only rain on one man’s roof.

“My fellow frustrated Nigerians, let’s vote wisely.”

Charly Boy has openly stated his support for Peter Obi, Labour Party’s presidential candidate and he has stated that he will stand strong behind the ex-Anambra state Governor.

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