Elon Musk throws shade at Meta after Facebook, Instagram, Threads suffer global outrage

UNITED STATES- Elon Musk, founder of X, formerly Twitter, threw shade at Meta after its social media apps Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and Threads experienced a global outage on Tuesday.

Meta’s communications director, Andy Stone, on his official X handle at 4:25 p.m., acknowledged the platforms’ blackout and assured it was being worked on.

“If you’re reading this post, it’s because our servers are working,” Musk tweeted shortly after Mr Stone’s tweet.

The 52-year-old businessman further shared a photo of four penguins: three penguins marked with Facebook, Instagram and thread, saluting the fourth, marked with the X icon.

Attached to the picture was Mr Stone’s post acknowledging Meta’s global outage.

Meanwhile, in July last year, X accused Meta owner Mark Zuckerberg of engaging in “unlawful misappropriation” of the company’s trade secrets and intellectual property after the launch of Threads.

In a memo addressed to Mr Zuckerberg, X’s lawyer, Alex Spiro, threatened a lawsuit and accused Meta of hiring former X employees fired by the company. 

Reacting to the launch of Threads, Mr Musk said, “Competition is fine, cheating is not.” 

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