Fans support Destiny Etiko after she got ridiculed over her “cheap” lifestyle

Nollywood actress Destiny Etiko is one of the few actresses in Nollywood who gets dragged and mocked for her fashion sense.

Destiny became a subject of mockery online as many ridiculed her for her poor fashion sense.

Still on her outfit, reports made rounds about the cost of the outfit.

It was alleged that the outfit cost $79.99 which is over 50,000 in Nigeria.

This didn’t sit well with some netizens as they mocked her for wearing cheap clothes.

Many expected her to wear outfits worth hundreds of thousands or millions.

Rather than add to the mockery, many jumped in to defend her.

They faulted those mocking her as they noted how the actress was cutting her clothes according to her size.

Some reactions culled below:

queen_eziko: No be money? If dem dey call her out for debt now, na una go still talk See how people you people are disturbing yourselves over what someone that knows nothing about y’all wore on her birthday really amazing

tolu_tones: Even if na #1 she buy am that’s her it’s her money and her lie, stop meddling in people’s unnecessarily abeg…na her birthday na her money

epheteaziba: Jokes on others though she saved more money and the outfit fits her. That’s way better than others that would owe stylist on top cloth

borsydoh: Plus I’m sure she didn’t buy it online, she must av bought from a Nigerian vendor, that one will sell 120000

soniatuebi: Atleast she no dey own anybody papa money

len_bliss001: Is 50k not money? Some people get problem o

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