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FG approves Abuja-London route for Air Peace

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ABUJA- The Minister of Aviation and Aerospace Development, Mr. Festus Keyamo, has announced his approval for Air Peace to operate the Abuja-London route, expanding the airline’s existing service beyond the Lagos-London route.

Keyamo made this announcement during an interview session on the ‘Politics Today’ programme on Channels Television on Thursday, when asked what the plans of the government were to support Air Peace in the light of an ongoing price war in the industry since the airline’s entry into the Lagos-London route.

“We have a duty to support our local airlines, not only Air Peace, but all other airlines that are healthy, and for those that are unhealthy, bring them back to life too.”

“Also, let me tell you exclusively that yesterday I approved Air Peace for the Abuja-London route, not only the Lagos-London route.

“I got the file yesterday and approved that they (Air Peace) should start the Abuja-London route,” Keyamo stated.

The aviation minister further noted that the decision to approve the Abuja-London route for Air Peace was based on reciprocity, since British Airways also flies the Abuja-London route, in addition to the Lagos-London route.

Keyamo added that this approval would likely start a price war on that route, ultimately lowering fares for the benefit of Nigerians.

Keyamo elaborated on the ongoing fare competition between Air Peace and international carriers on the Lagos-London route, noting that aviation authorities will diligently monitor the situation.

He indicated that the government might consider issuing waivers to support local airlines, if necessary, a move aimed at reducing the airfares for Nigerians on international routes.

“On this price war, we will continue to monitor the situation and I can assure you that if there is anything the government can do in terms of waivers, we would talk to Mr. President and go to the National Assembly.

“We have a duty to support our own. We are not supporting private businesses; we are supporting Nigerians who are paying from their pockets and who should continue to pay lower fares,” Keyamo stated.

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