Group alleges ‘evil plans’ to destroy Tinubu’s government, Gbajabiamila

ABUJA- Concerned Citizens for Good Governance, a civil society organisation, has urged Nigeria’s opposition to join hands with President Bola Tinubu toward developing the country.

The group said this in a statement by its spokesperson, Joseph Abiodun, on Friday.

It said the recent attack on the chief of staff to the president, Femi Gbajabiamila, was uncalled for, describing it as a deliberate attempt to pull down Mr Tinubu’s government.

“The detractors are now forcefully linking Gbajabiamila to the suspended Minister of Humanitarian Affairs, Dr Betta Edu. To say Gbajabiamila is an authority in law and a professor in the working procedures of government is not an overstatement.

“It is crystal clear that some people are still looking for the downfall of one of the best brains in Tinubu’s administration, but they have failed.

“Someone who successfully managed the affairs of 360 elected lawmakers in the House of Representatives for four years without a blemish will now fall for a peanut,” said the group.

The statement added, “We, the Concerned Citizens for Good Governance, will soon expose all of those behind the evil plan.

“It is now an open secret that they want the government of President Bola Tinubu to fail by trying to pull down the pillars of support behind him.

“We urged those behind the attack to desist. We are going to go after you all and expose you to the world.”


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