Gun duel as Congo military aborts coup attempt near President Tshisekedi’s office

The army spokesperson disclosed that the DR Congo military thwarted an attempted coup near President Felix Tshisekedi’s Kinshasa offices on Sunday, which reportedly involved both foreigners and Congolese.

The attempted coup occurred in the early hours outside the residence of Economy Minister, Vital Kamerhe, situated in the Gombe area in the northern part of the capital city, adjacent to the president’s offices at the Palais de la Nation.

General Sylvain Ekenge in a message broadcast on national television, said, “An attempted coup d’etat has been stopped by the defence and security forces.”

He also noted that the group, which included both foreigners and Congolese, along with their leader, would no longer be able to cause harm.

Ekenge did not offer any additional insights into the coup attempt.

Despite AFP’s efforts to reach official sources, no response has been forthcoming.

AFP journalists reported that the situation was calm in the city later in the morning.

Reports started circulating on social media early in the morning, indicating an assault on Kamerhe’s residence by armed assailants, with some later moving towards the Palais de la Nation.

France’s ambassador reported gunfire from automatic weapons in the district, urging French nationals to steer clear of the vicinity.

Videos circulating on social media depicted men in military attire at the Palais de la Nation, waving flags bearing the name “Zaire,” the former appellation of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) during the regime of dictator Mobutu Sese Seko, who was ousted in 1997.

Despite their efforts, AFP couldn’t verify the videos, but they witnessed several heavily armed military vehicles departing from the Palais de la Nation and moving towards a large intersection, also situated in Gombe.

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