How Coca-Cola Addiction Killed My Wife at 34 – Husband

The partner of a New Zealand woman, Amy Louise Thorpe, who died at just 34 years of age says she drank two litres of Coca Cola a day. He made this known to a coroner holding an inquest into her death.

The woman who died of epileptic seizure two-years ago was said to have been exposed to the caffeine-laden beverages which were considered as potential factors in the hearing probing of her death according to a report by The Mirror.

The inquest was told the young woman drank two litres of Coke almost every day and additionally consumed up to a litre of energy drinks daily too.

Samples of Thorpe’s blood and urine analysed after her death reportedly uncovered the presence of caffeine and nicotine.

A report released by Coroner David Robinson this week said she smoked around 80 grams (2.8oz) of tobacco a week.

He noted she had a history of epilepsy and was up to date with her medication, but her most recent seizure had been just three days before her death.

Thorpe also suffered from depression, anxiety, and sleep apnoea, the report said. Robinson’s report said she had a raised body-mass index and a history of gestational diabetes.

Thorpe’s partner described her as being “addicted” to Coca-Cola.

He told police his partner consumed advising police consumed on average two litres a day, along with around 500ml to 1 litre of Mother branded energy drink a day.

Also, in the words of her friend, Madonna Bresolini-Meikle:

Amy had more energy drinks a day than people have coffee. She enjoyed her V drinks and Coke.

A neurologist consulted for the inquest added that research on the phenomenon was divided and described the data as “lacking.”

He said some studies suggesting caffeine intake could increase seizure susceptibility, while others found it could potentially protect against them.

However, he further said caffeine was also shown to inhibit anti-seizure drugs commonly used to manage epilepsy, such as Topiramate.

A tribute page for Thorpe described her as a ‘much-loved’ mum-of-three and partner. Source

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