“How marriage failed Mr Ibu” Man compares late actor’s marriage to Olu Jacobs

A Nigerian man, identified as Ajinwa on the micro-blogging platform, X, has revealed how marriage failed the late actor, Mr. Ibu.

Comparing him to his senior colleague, Olu Jacobs, the Twitter user, stated that the same marriage is sustaining the ailing actor. He stated that the difference between the two is the quality of the wife they married.

He noted how Joke Silva is committed to loving and taking care of her husband, despite he is suffering from dementia.“Marriage failed Mr Ibu.The same Marriage is sustaining Olu Jacobs.The difference between these two marriages is the quality of wife they married.

Joke Silva is committed to loving and taking care of a man who no longer remembers her or the times they’ve shared”.

Man says marriage failed, Mr Ibu

Similarly, another Twitter user, identified as Albert Nat Hyde had revealed why marriage was a loss to Mr Ibu. He listed out the losses marriage brought to him and his it contributed to his untimely death.

He noted how his first wife divorced him and took away his savings, his second wife accused him of sleeping with his daughter, he suffered from diabetes, his latest wife was making monetary demands from him while he was dying, he sold almost all his properties, his leg was amputated and lot more.

Recall that while the actor was battling for his life, his wife, Stella Maris, and adopted daughter, Jasmine Okafor were at war for a second time.

Reports made rounds that Stella was demanding a million naira from his donation money and wanted to take over the donation.

Reacting to it, Stella Maris alleged that Jasmine was trying to make her an outsider in her marriage, as she slammed her adopted daughter with a series of allegations which were all refuted by Mr Ibu’s son.

Amid the drama, an alleged leaked audio of Mr Ibu admitting to sleeping with Jasmine made rounds online.

His wife had a year ago, claimed during an online rant that her husband was sleeping with Jasmine, an allegation which they both denied.

An audio of the bedridden actor confessing to sleeping with her had surfaced online and had left many talking. Mr Ibu alleged that he caught Jasmine with his son, which led to their break-up. 

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