KDSG: Land Mines, Thorny And Bumpy Roads With Heavy Debts Burden

By Mahdi Shehu

Governor Uba Sani is the most overburdened governor in Nigeria after that of Kano. He inherited $587M( Appr N850B) foreign debt with dubious and unfavourable repayment terms. Further local debts of over N250B. Uncompleted projects that would require over N1 trillion to complete. Facing shrinking revenue on account of increasing insecurity.

Luckily, he did not inherit arrogancy, broken promises, vindictiveness, insensitivity, and know it all attitude. With his consultative nature, listening ears, compassion, and teamwork, he has the potential to move ahead in spite of the land mines planted all over and around him. Safe trip Uba sani on your thorny and bumpy roads.

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