Mum dances naked around 6-year-old daughter’s corpse after killing her as a ”sacrifice to God”

TEXAS- A pregnant mum was found dancing naked around her daughter’s corpse after killing her to offer her as a human sacrifice to God.

Nephiterea Sancho, 36, is facing trial for murder in Texas, US, after Hosanna Sancho, 6, was found dead at the family apartment in San Antonio on January 3.

Nephiterea – who is two months pregnant – told police she killed her daughter “under God’s orders”.

The horrifying crime came to light when family members visited the apartment.

Hosanna’s uncle Kenny Vallespin said: “My niece and nephew went down and witnessed something they’ll probably never be able to get out of their heads for the rest of their lives.”

Police Sergeant Washington Moscoso told local media Sancho was “running around unclothed at the scene”.

He said: “There was no gun or gunshot wound to the victim. The child did die from trauma to the body, just not a gunshot wound.”

Police also said Nephiterea was arrested 13 years ago for injuring children, including her then three-year-old niece, and spent time in a mental health facility. She has been charged with capital murder and is being held in jail on a $1million bond.

Hosanna’s family said she played the violin and wanted to become a cheerleader.

They said: “She loved to swim and loved the water. She wanted to be a cheerleader and ride the school bus for the first time, and she never got to do that.”

Police are continuing to investigate the exact circumstances surrounding the horrifying death.

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