My plans rejuvenate football in Kogi State – Wada

By Joan Nnenna Iwuchukwu

Newly elected Kogi state Football association chairman, Haruna Wada, is in optimum to see that football is revive in Kogi state.

In his discussion with the new chairman is optimistic that Kogi United have all it takes to be nurtured back to where it belongs and also proud that confluence Queens are doing well but also said the efforts started somewhere, which is why they will do everything possible to grow football in Kogi State.

“In life you go through ups and down. It is very difficult to remain consistent. I’m glad you said the Confluence queens are doing well. Kogi United and Confluence queens are under same management.

The performance of the Confluence queens is credit to the current management they have also taking responsibilities to the non performance of the men’s team. But we are working hand in hand with them with one or two issue that stall their performance. But I believe that by next year we should be back up occupying our position in NNL and then we will work hard to get to Premiership. On several occasions we were points away on getting to the premiership, but today we are at the amateur level. But we will definitely come back.

Our forcus us now is to see how we could revive back our football development. When you want to have a successful football side, considering the depth of funds in Nigeria, you can’t afford to be looking for money to buy players outside your state to come play for your state. But once you have a solid grassroot football programs you can nuture them, identify top-notch talents and over time you get them to play in the club sides.

We lay the foundation for grassroots development and once that kicks off. We will get the right talents that can support the various clubs side in the state.

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