Netizens react after Festus Keyamo blasts those trying to still ‘Japa’ following Paris protest

Netizens have reacted in a rebuking manner to the comment by the Federal Minister for labour and employment, Festus Keyamo about those still planning to ‘Japa‘.

Keyamo’s took to Twitter to talk about the economic situation bedeviling the nation and noted that it experienced globally.

He linked his economic crisis explanation to the soaring prices in Paris which prompted thousands of citizens to stage a protest. The lawyer went on to criticize Netizens who still want to relocate to other countries to seek greener pastures.

Keyamo wrote: “Massive protests on the streets of Paris over soaring prices. Meanwhile, some are still planning to ‘japa’ abroad, as if Nigeria is in isolation from present global issues. Some who know the issues are also deceiving Nigerians and playing local politics with global issues.”

Netizens reaction to Keyamo’s tweet

Netizens didn’t take the comments by Keyamo lightly as they took to social media to challenge his postulation.

@health_buddy_b: There are soaring prices and inflation all over the world but the big difference is that those people protesting still have the basics, food shelter and clothing which many Nigerians can’t boast of. That’s why they will continue to Japa.

@amsmarto: But when we peacefully protested you massacre us you didn’t say that part. At least they are allowed to protest in peace, in my country we are not even allowed to even protest at all. Ur government will deploy armed policemen to kill the innocent protesters. Shame.

@larrissabell: Except our own is not global. And the prices are not going up, they’re jumping crazily.

@ceo_m.k_black7: If this kind of protest happens in Nigeria more than 1 million people we go down by unknown gunmen.

@ichie 6ixfigurz: We have been suffering this inflationary trend before global issues, and we are still suffering with global issues. If you don’t vote out these bad leaders always making up excuses, we would still suffer as a nation after global issues.

@mich_nath_jess: Festus, why did you send your family to stay in Abroad

@mss_tilda: At least at the end of the protest there will be profound solution not the type of government we have.

@muyee_wazy Make them dey go, I don cancel my visa, my two friends wey Japa are planning coming back, lol, Oga for Nigeria turned cleaner abroad. The second one still dey find work….omo, safe journey japajapa people.

@somidotun_africa_dgeneral: Abeg, still can’t be compared to Nigeria 1000% Paris cleaner earns 1 thousand times better than a Nigerian banker.

@erobert133: But they could at least protest in mass numbers without being fired at silly people shooting themselves while always trying to cover themselves.

@ajebodcomedian: The one Nigerians tried to protest for, till today dem neva talk who gave the order to shoot and kill peaceful protesters. The one playing politics with the future of Nigeria pointing fingers.

@dipzongs: Comparing people that have social amenities, with a good passport etc better weather, good food very mumu man God will judge all of you, your family Dey Europe or America/Australia you Dey yarn dust eleribu

@pelz: At least they will not shoot the protesters

@chigozie_ehim: An average poor person in Paris has a more secured life than a rich person in Nigeria. Festus is one of the problems of Nigeria. Shame.

Pooja asserts Japa is destroying the foundation of friendship

According to report, media personality, Suliman Pooja Adebayo asserted that the relocation of some Nigerians popularly referred to as ‘Japa’ is destroying the foundation of friendship.

Pooja based his assertion on a story he shared about a friend who travelled without informing her friends. These were the same set of friends who bought traditional outfits worth a hundred thousand Naira for her wedding and also organised an expensive bridal shower for her.

Pooja tweeted: “Japa” is destroying the foundation of our friendships. Her friends bought “aso ebi” worth 100K for her wedding, organized a bridal shower for her in a top hotel in Lekki, her wedding lit with videos/photos trending like CNN & on Sunday, they saw her post with her new husband with UK photos. She didn’t tell ANY of them”.

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