Nigerian Bride Arrives Wedding Anniversary In Giant Inflatable Balloon (Photos)

Warri – A Nigerian woman has made headlines after she arrived at her wedding anniversary in a giant inflatable balloon. The woman, an Event planner identified as Reverence, from Nigeria, wanted to celebrate her tenth wedding anniversary with her husband, Joseph Efoma-Oruerio in style so came the idea. 

She ordered a giant inflatable balloon to make her grand entrance into the venue, even if it cost her $500 and had to be shipped from Dubai.  At the reception, which held in Warri, Nigeria, Reverence shocked her guests as she rolled in with the transparent ball. \

Reverence, 35, and husband Joseph, 51, invited friends and family to celebrate the special day with them. She said: “The idea came from watching my kids playing in the pool with a balloon.

I started thinking of how a bride could make an entrance into her wedding in a balloon. I searched online for life-size balloons and eventually bought one from Dubai for $500.”It was the first time the guests saw a bride in a balloon, they screamed so much with excitement. It was the highlight of the event.


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