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Offiong Urges FG to Establish National League to Boost Tennis in Nigeria

by Lovina

An international tennis champion Offiong Edem has called on the Nigeria Table Tennis Foundation, NTTF, to establish a league for all the Table Tennis clubs in the country.

She said the National Tennis League should be established the same way there is the Nigerian Football Federation League to inject the spirit of competition.

Briefing journalists about the 4th edition of the table tennis tournament for children under the ages of 9 to 17, Offiong said the league will highly enhance the fortunes of the sports in the country and help expose individual players.

She spoke of their experience in the African Club championship held in Benghazi, Libya, where her club, the Canaan Queens of Calabar was only defeated at the finals by the Petrojet Tennis Club of Egypt.

Noting that she was not happy that the club which represented Nigeria at the championship was defeated at the finals, she expressed delight that they sailed to the finals by defeating other highly-rated clubs in Africa.

She conceded that the Egyptian tennis club was a better side since they have an organized league.

“What we have in Nigeria is tennis clubs. We need to have a league. We have many budding players who cannot afford to travel outside to compete.

“Establishment of a National tennis league like what you have in football will help much to bolster Tennis competitions in the country and expose individual players.”

She disclosed that it is very expensive to break into and play international tennis tournaments.

“It is very expensive. You need at least $3000 to process participation. And when you play in such tournaments frequently your world ranking improves.”

Speaking about her qualification for the Paris Olympics 2024, Offiong said, “I feel overwhelmed to have qualified for the fifth time.

“My participation in the 2024 Olympics will be much better. Many colleagues have departed for their different training camps abroad. I will soon depart for Germany for two weeks before flying into Paris for the Olympics.”

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