Players, Coaches and Referees Will Take The Front Seat – Doherty

By Joan Nnenna Iwuchukwu

Development of football back home has been my ultimate and Paramount push and desire since as an ex player and an administrator as well as a philanthropist.

David Doherty is a popular figure in terms of sports development and advocacy of good governance of Nigeria football, reason he braved it to pick up form to contest for the prestigious seat for the president of Nigeria football federation.

Speaking with and joansportsbliss. The CEO of TeamNigeriaSportsUK3 in UK, Pathway Sports LTD. Has lined out what motivated him to make the move to contest for president of Nigeria football federation. His mission was to see players take front seat, Coaches, Referees as well as major factors that will bring development of Nigeria football to a world standard.

“What motivated me to pick up this form to contest for the position of the presidency was to see players take the front seat, they are the primary stakeholders. We have been seeing them come from the back. And I have come to see how we could develop our football back home. I think is time for us to stand up and do the work collectively and do the needful. My experience is that I have played the game.

I will try and engage knowledgeable, actors, great minds in football management. Because it’s for us to come together and see how we could do football developmental project successfully and make it world class.

As an administrator, like I likely said. Players welfare is my Paramount drive. Players are to be happy well taken care of. What will you say as an administrator if players are not well taken care of? Because without these same people, media won’t have content, administrator will not see who he will administer. We have to put players of various national teams welfare as one of our priorities when we come into office.

We can generate funds through sponsorships. There are a lot of revenues that comes from broadcasting and TV rights and also partnerships. Equally there are some sponsorship from FIFA. I think that shouldn’t be an issue. I think it should be done timely. Everything should be done according to how we set to do it. By making sure that their allowances are paid on time.

Apart from players, coaches and referees are major factors too that needs developmental growth and programs. We will make sure together with my team to constantly bring in programs that will update them on how it is done in other countries. We partner with FIFA, bring in sponsors that would run programs for them. With all these our football will be under superb development with us in office”. He concluded.

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