Police fire teargas at Abuja residents as houses are demolished

ABUJA- Residents of Nuwalege village in Abuja woke up to the sight of dozens of policemen and soldiers and scampered for safety as the cops fired teargas to disperse them from their homes, Peoples Gazette reports.

On Monday morning, armed police officers stood guard as houses in Nuwalege village, next to the air force base in Abuja, were demolished.

Law enforcement agents — AMAC officials, soldiers, and police officers — prevented residents from entering their homes and threatened to seize phones.

The security operatives manhandled one person who took photos of the demolition.

At 11:19 a.m., police officers began firing tear gas to disperse people.

The residents said they received a letter in mid-December stating that the Nigerian Air Force needed the land to build a runway. But they said the emir of the village asked them not to worry, assuring them that their homes would not be demolished.

Indigenes were informed that the emir fled the community on Saturday, January 6, in the middle of the night.

The FCTA could not be immediately reached for comments on the demolition and possible compensation for the residents.

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