Precious Chikwendu Opens Up On Reuniting With FFK After 2 Years

Ex- queen, Precious Chikwendu, has penned an appreciation post to her fans, celebrities and all who stood up for her during her custody with FFK.

Precious Chikwendu revealed that though she isn’t in the custody of her four kids yet, they are negotiating terms and trying to put an end to pending cases.

The ex- queen noted how beautiful it is to spend time and bond with her sons once again after almost 2 years of being ostracized.

Precious also touched on her four hours chat with FFK where they spoke about the past 2years, had an intense arguments and disagreements.

However, they were able to find closure without bitterness, resolve to forge on separately without bad blood and most importantly, putting their kids above all wrongs given or received.

“Gratitude and appreciation post. To everyone who shed a tear or two, to everyone who believed in me, to everyone who couldn’t sleep thinking of me. Words fail me!!! It isn’t perfect yet but it is beautiful. I am not in custody yet but we are negotiating terms for shared custody and end of a pending cases. Hopefully soon. Beautiful to be at peace with God, myself and others. Beautiful to kiss my boys once again, look into their eyes and make them giggle in pride, have Ikenna flash his gap tooth in excitement. Jidenna trying to bully me with his size, my Tobenna kiss me like he always does with so much admiration and making me feel like chocolates in the hands of kids, my Lotanna leading and playing fixer or conflict resolver using the of King Solomon.

Beautiful because I also got to that point where I could sit with their father for hours, speak about the past 2 years, have intense arguments and disagreements but still find closure without bitterness, resolving to forge on separately without bad blood, putting these 4 young men above all wrongs given or received and Co-parenting peacefully. I can’t thank you all enough. Mentioning names would be shooting myself on the legs but i would be reaching out individually”.

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