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Sheikh Dahiru Bauchi Clocks 100, Disciples, Clerics Extol His Virtues

by Lovina

Renowned Islamic scholar and leader of Tijjaniyyah adherents, Sheikh Dahiru Usman Bauchi, has reached the milestone age of 100 years according to the Islamic calendar. Born on the 2nd of Almuharram 1346 A.H. (equivalent to 100 years yesterday , Sheikh Bauchi’s contributions to Islamic scholarship and education have been widely celebrated.

Born in Nafada, initially part of Bauchi State but now under Gombe State, Sheikh Bauchi currently resides in Kofar Gombe.

He began his Islamic education under the tutelage of his father, Alhaji Usman, becoming a Hafizul Qur-ān (memoriser of the Glorious Qur-ān) before the age of 20. He furthered his studies under numerous esteemed Islamic scholars both within and outside Nigeria, with Sheikh Ibrāhīm Inyass being his most influential teacher. His profound knowledge led to his recognition as a Professor of Qur-ānic memorisation and education, and he has been honoured as one of the world’s greatest Mufassirun (translators of the Glorious Qur-ān).

Sheikh Bauchi commenced his Tafsīr (Qur-ānic exegesis) in Bauchi State in 1948, dedicating 76 years to translating the Holy Qur-ān. His Tafsīr broadcasts began on Bauchi Radio Corporation in 1976, and later on Radio Nigeria Kaduna in 1980. Today, numerous radio stations across northern Nigeria air his teachings, especially during Ramadan.

With a large family comprising 100 children, 406 grandchildren, and 100 great-grandchildren, Sheikh Bauchi’s legacy of Qur-ān memorisation continues. Remarkably, 78 of his children, over 199 grandchildren, and 12 great-grandchildren are also Hafizul Qur-ān, balancing both Islamic and Western education.

Sheikh Bauchi has performed Hajj 55 times and Umrah (lesser Hajj) 205 times. He has also provided 1,000 houses in Bauchi and Kaduna states, among other northern states, for his children and students to live in free. He has established numerous Islamic schools and farmlands.

Sheikh Bauchi is recognised for his wisdom in preaching, which has led countless individuals to embrace Islam, particularly during Ramadan. He advocates for worshiping only Allāh, seeking forgiveness, and expressing gratitude for divine blessings while sending salutations to Prophet Muhammad (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam). As Deputy Chairman of the Fatwa Committee of the Supreme Council of Islamic Affairs, his influence is profound.

While there was no formal celebration for his centenary, disciples and clerics offered special prayers in mosques, expressing gratitude for his life and achievements. They praised his unblemished record of service to Islam and humanity, highlighting his role as a selfless and steadfast leader.

Mallam Ahmad Tijjani Saeed noted, “Maulana Sheikh, as he clocks the century age in good health, leaves a rich legacy of a life lived in the service of Allah, his nation, and humanity.”

Others, including Mallam Ahmad Tijjani Kolo, Sanusi Ahmad, and Muhammad Sogiji, commended Sheikh Bauchi’s courage in speaking against tyranny, corruption, and social ills like immorality, cultism, and drug abuse.

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