Stop cursing Nigeria; wait until 2027 to remove bad leaders, Tinubu tells Muslim, Christian clerics

ABUJA- President Bola Tinubu has called on religious leaders to refrain from vilifying or denigrating Nigeria in their sermons.

Mr Tinubu said this during Ramadan Iftar with traditional rulers and religious leaders at the State House on Thursday in Abuja. The president stressed the significant role of religious leaders in shaping public opinion and fostering a sense of unity among citizens.

He urged the leaders to be more constructive in their criticism of those in elective positions, adding that his administration was determined to turn Nigeria’s challenges into prosperity.

The president urged traditional and religious leaders to forge a strong bond with the government to defeat terrorism, banditry, kidnapping, and other forms of criminality in the country.

“The love of the nation is in your hands. Pray for our country. Educate our children. The sermons we preach to the members of our churches and mosques are important.

“Do not condemn your own nation. As a Yoruba man and as our fathers will say, ‘No matter how slippery the bottom of your child is, you must leave the beads there’,” Mr Tinubu appealed to the religious leaders.

He added, “Leave the beads there. This is your country; do not condemn it in sermons; do not abuse the nation. Leadership is meant for changes. Yes, this leader is bad, fine. Wait until the next election to change him, but do not condemn your country. Do not curse Nigeria. This is a beautiful land.”

The president acknowledged the birthday wishes and goodwill extended to him on the occasion and reminded the leaders that his birthday on March 29 coincided with Good Friday.

“I have earned the honour of having my birthday fall on Good Friday, and I pray that on this Maundy Thursday, you all shall return to your homes safely.

“May God guide and keep you and your families in good health and lift your spirits,” the president said.


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