There is a difference between supporting the state of Israel & supporting Zionism

By Femi Fani-Kayode

I love Israel & have always supported her but I despise the racist concept of Zionism which is apartheid.

There is no doubt that the Jewish state has the right to exist, the right to defend herself & the right to live in peace with her neighbours.

This does not however confer on her the right to kill 10,000 defenceless civilians, 5,000 of whom are children.

This does not give her the right to murder 1/2 a percent of the entire population of Gaza & destroy 50% of its buildings, homes & infrastructure all in one month.

This does not give her licence to violate the rules of engagement of battle, to target hospitals, schools, ambulances, mosques & churches, to break international law, to ignore the concerns of the international community, to treat the United Nations with disdain & contempt & to describe those that have called for a ceasefire & restraint & that oppose their heinous policy of “kill every Palestinian in sight” as being anti-semetic or a Jew-hater.

And to the three Israeli cabinet Ministers that respectively said a nuclear bomb should be dropped on Gaza, that there is no such thing as an innocent Palestinian, that even the Palestinians that distribute sweets should be eliminated, that Beirut may end up in the same situation as Gaza & that the Palestinian people should be completely uprooted, displaced & shared at 25,000 Palestinians per nation between the nations of the earth I say this: you are as despicable as the German Nazis monsters that perpetuated the holocaust & gassed 6 million of your ancestors to death during WW11.

Again you are as evil as the Arab & Iranian jihadists & Islamists & the modern day Haman’s that claim that Israel is “a blot on the earth that must be wiped out”, that march the streets screaming “from the river to the sea, Palestine must be free”, that say that Israel will soon “experience resistance from all the Muslims of the world” & that consider as their sole & primary objective the total & complete annihilation of the Jewish people.

You are two sides of the same hateful coin & your rhetoric is dangerous & abhorrent.

If we want peace in the world & a resolution to this conflict such genocidal rhetoric from both sides of the divide must be set aside & a recognition of our common humanity must be encouraged & engendered.

To be fair the attack on Israel on October 7th was barbaric & those that perpetuated those vile acts & heinous crimes are beasts.

This was an act of war & Israel has a duty to utterly crush & annihilate those that were behind those attacks.

She does NOT however have the right to butcher the innocent women, children, infants & babies of Gaza who had nothing to do with October 7th & who secretly despise Hamas.

Massacaring defenceless civilians in the most brutal fashion & with such impunity & committing genocide, ethnic cleansing, mass murder, crimes against humanity & war crimes against the helpless & defenceless brings no glory & attracts nothing but hate & opprobrium.

Worse still it sets off a blood-chilling cycle of violence & retaliation & a never-ending circle of vengeance, carnage, blood & fire.

The entire world watches the massacre in Gaza on their television screens with horror & disgust & as each day passes their hatred for the Jewish State grows.

A time shall come when they will no longer limit their anger to street protests but demand a degree of retaliation from their respective Governments against Israel. And who can blame them?

What needs to be clearly understood is the fact that what is fuelling the rage of those that are marching against Israel all over the world today is not love for the terrorists of Hamas or support for what they did on October 7th but rather the unrelenting & cruel genocide that the Jews are perpetuating in Gaza in the name of retaliation & vengeance.

This MUST stop & a ceasefire MUST be put in place.


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