Tinubu Used Violence And Thuggery To Become President-Elect – Aisha Yesufu

Aisha Yesufu, the popular Nigerian activist, has said that Bola Tinubu used violence and thuggery to become President-elect.

She dismissed talks that Tinubu is a master planner.

Yesufu made the revelation via a series of tweets on her Twitter page.

She wrote, “Tinubu thrives on illusion he creates. There is nothing in him. People focusing on politics for the first time within 10 months showed him to have nothing spectacular inspite of decades of political experience.

“People begged PDP to give them Peter Obi and PDP spat on them. Now you all are out here trying to make Tinubu look like some master planner. Tinubu has no political master plan other than violence and thuggery. Didn’t you all tell us nobody can defeat him in Lagos?

“The thing many of you do not get is that Peter Obi is a beneficiary of the collective anger people had at the established and correct politicians. It was not Peter Obi going to Labour Party that made him popular. It was his consistent character. Drop the conspiracy theories!”

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