Top 10: FA Cup leading scorers this season

Following the FA Cup semi-final draw on Sunday night, below are currently the top scorers in the competition.

Blackburn Rovers’ Sammie Szmodics is currently the top scorer in the FA Cup with six goals.

Szmodics is ahead of the likes of Manchester City’s Erling Haaland, who has five goals and Coventry City’s Ellis Simms, who also has five goals to his name.

Recall that Manchester United will face Coventry United in the FA Cup last-4 after beating Liverpool.

Chelsea will clash with Premier League Champions Manchester City in the other semi-final tie after beating Leicester City.

Here are the FA Cup’s leading scorers so far:

Six goals: Sammie Szmodics

Five goals: Erling Haaland, Ellis Simms and João Pedro

Four goals: Kyle Wootton

Three goals: Joshua Stokes, Shane McLoughlin, Ali Al Hamadi, Callum O’Hare and Jack Barham.

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