Tribute to J.J Rawlings(alias Junior Jesus)

Good bye JJ Rawlings (alias Junior Jesus).
He was a true son of Africa and a great builder, promoter and defender of Africanism.
He was given birth by Africa and raised by Father Ghana.
A hairy white man from black soil of Ghana.
He was deeply rooted in African culture and liberation struggle of the continent.
He was ardently trained in khaki uniform and doctrine.
He studied plain clothes philosophy and mastered the theories.
He rose to prominence when he collected the torch to show the way.
He beamed the light from Upper Volta to Accra.
He caged the Lions, Tigers, Elephants and the bulls.
He destroyed the ivory towers of and inner shrines of political idolaters.
He Nepotistic rules, and love of without of love.
He destroyed the dirty cans of worm and built a clean reservation for his people.
He loved Ghana, He adored Africa.
He groomed Ghana from Ghana-must-go aphorism to Ghana must develop philosophy.
His voice echoed in OAU
He sang African Anthem and believed in the of Africa for
Today the voice is lost.
The fighter has given up the
The warrior has won the battle but lost the
JJ Rawlings is gone.
Few days after his ’s burial at age 101 years
Flight officer has flew to the sky but never to land.
To meet with Zik of Africa, Mandela, Sankara, Ojukwu and other fallen heroes of Africa.
If there is here after!
So sad, we lost a true leader!

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