U.S. supporting Nigeria to tackle insecurity, ensure stability in West Africa- Greene

ABUJA- Mr David Greene, charge d’affaires of the United States Embassy in Nigeria, says both countries are working closely as partners to strengthen security and ensure stability in West Africa.

Mr Greene, who said this in an interview in Abuja, described Nigeria as a strategic partner to the U.S. and a regional power in Africa.

The American deputy ambassador said, “Security is something we partner on with lots of countries. Nigeria is a strategic partner because of its weight in the African region and the challenges in the Sahel and West Africa.

“This is in terms of dealing with violent extremism and stability. More broadly, Nigeria has been a key partner. Some of such cooperation involves the systems that we provide to it for it to be able to protect its coastal waters and to carry out its counter-terrorism measures.”

Mr Greene explained that “some of that involves the equipment” Nigeria buys from the U.S., including purchasing a dozen A-29 Super Tucano planes two years ago.

The charge d’affaires added, “It is a precision munition that allows them to tackle terrorism problems. We do not just work with the military. We work with civilian security services very effectively in addressing illegal drug issues.”

The diplomat noted that the U.S. “is providing support to Nigeria in furtherance of its police reform and capacity building” to deliver justice transparently.

He explained, “We are working with Nigeria on a programme to reduce the number of individuals that are in pre-trial detention looking at the rights of those individuals in prisons and correctional facilities in Nigeria. We have a vast array of programmes that are attempting to support the Nigerian government’s goals in terms of enhancing the security and quality of life of individual Nigerian citizens.

“So, we are all aware of the challenges that Nigeria faces, in terms of its security, and also the strength of the systems that should allow for the continued improvement in the situation. This is a partnership that we are proud of and one that we will continue.”

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