What Bobrisky Needs Most Now, To Become A New Creature

By Sam Onwuemeodo.

Bobrisky’s problem is spiritual. And not physical. So, arresting “her or him” for any reason, especially, for abusing the nation’s currency or for “cross-dressing”, by the Police or EFCC or ICPC, or by any other security Agency, isn’t the solution. Won’t bring the needed change or transformation. Arrest and even imprisonment, won’t help the situation.

Those who arrested “her or him”, must have done so out of the curiosity of what the law says, and might not be bothered about the things of the Spirit. The devil has been feeding Fat on “her or him”. All these while, “she or he” has remained a toy or prey in the hand of the devil. The enemy. The adversary.

“She or he” needs deliverance from the hand of the devil or from the clutches of Satan or agents of darkness. “She or he” needs to be detached from the ” handwriting of ordinances”. The devil has been tormenting “him or her” and unknown to ” him or her”.

The parents, if they’re alive, have been either wicked or insensitive, or both. Otherwise, they would not have continued to watch their “daughter or son” becoming toy in the hand of devil. They didn’t need a prophet or soothsayer to tell them that, all was not well or something was not adding up on the side of their child.

Even friends or those close to the person in question, could also be accused of being wicked. Otherwise, they would have tried to help. Reason being that, with GOD, all things are possible to them that believe.

The personnel of EFCC should be made to know or understand that, the person in their custody needs help and not arraignment and perhaps, imprisonment. Afterall, the law is made for man and not man for the law. The person they have arrested, needs deliverance from evil manipulation. Deliverance from the wickedness of the devil. Deliverance from satanic forces. Needs spiritual cafeteria. Spiritual renaissance or rejuvenation. Spiritual rehabilitation.

When the right spirit comes or when God’s spirit takes over “her or his” soul , a new Bobrisky would emerge and a new life would begin. And old things would pass away. God only, would take his glory in full.

While we continue to clap for Jesus.

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