Why I wrote “Dance of the Drummer”- University Don

By Sylvanus Viashima, Jalingo

The Head of Department, English and Literary Studies at Taraba State University Jalingo, Dr. Kyan Ukwen, on Monday disclosed that he was moved by the glaring societal ills in the country and continent to write the book “Dance of the Drummer”.

Ukwen, who disclosed this to journalists as part of activities to complete the formal launch of the book on Sunday said that the book chronicles the manifestations of dangerous tendencies that have been tolerated over time and are now wrecking havoc on the society.

“There are so many ills going on in the society today that are even taken for granted or regarded as the new normal. This is our country and no one is more citizen than any other person. We are all equal before the law and that should be practical as well. Unfortunately, some persons are treated and operate as if they are a special breed.

“You will also notice a sharp fall in morality and societal perception of right and wrong. What the book does is to expose some major ills in the society and their manifestations, with the aim to correcting them. I am glad that there is a good reception of the book so far and I am sure the aim will be achieved through wide readership” Ukwen said.

The book reviewer, Professor Joseph Lucas, in his review stated that the physical structure of the book, the language, the diction and general ambiance of the book reflects the nature of the author and his passion.

“The book exposes the unfolding multifaceted anomalies that are fast becoming a new normal for us. This is a diligent and painstaking work from an excellent academia that should be made a top read for everyone. His exemplary creative work shows his burning desire to contribute his quota to the national discuss.

“What Ukwen has done is that, has provided a compass to help, especially the young ones, to navigate this treacherous paths typical of our contemporary society. The play will help in reordering our national priorities and setting a new agenda for a better society, if it is given the attention it requires

“The physical structure of the book reflects the calmness of the author. The 50 page drama is a master piece in all ramifications and a must read for everyone” he said.

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