“You are fake” – Ivanna Bay lampoons Anita Brown as they engage in heated exchange

Ivanna Bay and Anita Brown, Davido’s alleged side chicks, are currently exchanging words online.

The two ladies got into it after Anita Brown threw shade at Ivanna Bay, claiming her surgical body is much more attractive.

She also chastised Ivanna Bay for attending Davido’s concert in Portugal. She implied that Ivanna was looking for ways to be relevant.

Anita Brown told people to stop comparing her to Ivanna Bay, despite the fact that she was a busy and wealthy lady.

In response to the jabs, Ivanna Bay first condemned Anita Brown for comparing their appearances.

She wrote:

“You are talking about woman empowerment but you take down another woman’s body and compare yourself to her..! Ma belle yo are fake and contradictory.”

Responding to the shade about attending Davido’s concert, she also wrote:

“We both know you would have dreamed of being at my place at that moment… And auntie stop saying you’re a busy business woman because you have plenty of time to post stories about people’s wives and their dead children or other woman’s body…”

Davido’s Alleged Pregnant French Side Chick, Ivanna Bay Clears Air

Ivanna Bay, the alleged pregnant side chick of Davido, has set the record straight on her presence at the just concluded, Afronation show.

Taking to her Instagram story, Ivanna asserted that she is pregnant and the singer didn’t pay her money to silence her.

She stated that she isn’t dragging him but just rather talking about her pregnancy.

On her presence at Afronation, she made it known that the event was planned a long time ago and she didn’t go there to see Davido alone.

“Yes I am pregnant with David.

No he didn’t pay me or shut my mouth. I am just talking shit.

I’m not dragging him. I’m just talking about my pregnancy.

He was not the only artist at the Afronation and that event was planned for long”.

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