Zakir’s prescence in Nigeria offers nothing but a bad stench – Femi Fani-Kayode

I do not know who this strange Pakistani/Arab-looking hybrid & camel jockey known as Zakir Naik (@drzakiranaik) is or what hole he crawled out of but someone tell him that the Nigerian Airforce & Nigerian Immigration Service are NOT Muslim ones & to say otherwise is a function of his manifest ignorance.

Nigeria is a multi-religious, multi-cultural, multi-ethnic, secular and plural nation & therein lies our strength & pride.

Calling our Airforce & Immigration Service Muslim ones is a serious provocation & deep insult to our Christian Airforce & Immigration officers, to the 120 million-strong Christian community in our country & to the collective sensibilities of the Nigerian people & it is dangerous & divisive.

Zakir’s prescence in Nigeria offers nothing but a bad stench.

How he managed to get a visa to come here in spite of his antecedents & despite the fact that he has been banned from entering America, Europe & other parts of the civilised world for being a fanatical Islamist, a dangerous subversive, a proselytising Jihadist, a blood-lusting terrorist, a relentless extremist & a deeply divisive, corrosive & malevolent figure beats me.

India Today wrote the following about him,  “Zakir Naik fled India in the wake of the Dhaka cafe blast of July 2016. He is accused of spreading hatred, funding terror & money laundering. He is now facing troubles in Malaysia which has given him permanent residency”.

Why am I not surprised by this?  After all this is a man that said, “every Muslim should be a terrorist”.

The man is a plague & an affliction & I have no doubt that he posted his provocative words on X with malicious intent.

He came to our country to sow seeds of dissention & destruction, he has a wicked & evil agenda, he is not working alone & he is attempting to infiltrate & contaminate our people.

I thank God that he will fail because the Nigerian people cannot be fooled by his morbid delusions, satanic distortions, demonic manipulations & sinister interpretations.

I call on the Federal Government to deport him & never allow him to come back again.

We do not want him to plant his venomous rhetoric & toxic disposition into the spirit & soul of our nation or the hearts & minds of our people.

We must strive to avoid interaction with religious extremists & fanatics & malevolent lost souls like this misguided, hate-filled foreign warmonger.

We are ONE in this nation & we will not allow this strange-looking  hybrid to divide us.

Permit me to end with the words of Aare Kurunmi Akanfo (@AKakanfo). He wrote the following on his X account:

“You have to think the rest of Nigeria is daft & stupid to think a known preacher of hate & religious supremacist ideology can address the Nigerian Army & Nigerian Immigration as an Islamic Army or a Muslim Immigration in a religiously polarised country. The biggest victims of Islamic fundamentalists across the world are moderate muslims. If we want ISIS and Boko Haram to be a thing of the past in Nigeria and West Africa we must speak against religious extremism. Dr Zakir is well known for always inciting youths who are Muslims against the Government anywhere he goes to. Bangladesh and Malaysia which are both Muslim countries have banned him from preaching in their countries”.

Aare is absolutely right.


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