Zaria Water Project: Not Yet Uhuru as $30m Worth Equipment Is Roasting and Wasting Away

By Mahdi Shehu

For 40 years Zaria & its environ have been witnessing increasing dirge of clean water. From the $350M loan obtained by Elrufai, $30M was dedicated to the Zaria water expansion and rehabilitation project.

Arising from poor packaging, myopic conception, naive evaluation, selfish design, blotted scope, fraudulent procurement processes, etc, it is obvious the project has been lost again. Equipment worth $ 30m is wasting away, becoming end of life, whose value was highly inflated and consequently dashing the hope of Zaria people again.

For now, water vendors will continue to feast on Zaria and its people. A tribunal or commission of enquiry is urgently required to unravel the mystery of the $30M jamboree, greed, and selfishness.

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