50th Birthday: Prof Prince Isong is a Phenomenon, Blessing to Humanity – Dr Graham

By Chris Udochukwu

Abuja (Precise Post) – “The man, ‘Prof Prince aIsong’ who is celebrating his today (Thursday) is a phenomenon – who loves people and impacts life and has done so much for mankind and that is why God is really blessing him, were the words of Dr Graham as he encapsulates the life style of a man he said is an icon.

The keynote speaker and also the Chairman of occasion, Dr Graham who spoke to newsmen on the sideline at the birthday event said, Prof Isong is a phenomenon who, at the age of 50 has been able to achieve so much. I am sure you must have seen his profile from the book, so he will definitely go very far. I am older than him with almost 13 years so the rate he is going, he is going to do very fine.

“Moreover he is somebody that loves people and impacts life. The most important thing in life is not how much you have in your bank account but how many lives you are able to impact and for me that is the most important thing in life and the value you are able to add to people, he said. Adding that Prof Isong has done so much for mankind and that is why God is really blessing him.

He said the three basic questions people should ask themselves in life is: what do I want? What do I have and how do I use what I have to get what I want?

Dr Graham stated that there is nobody God has not given the opportunity to attain to any level in life and that it all depends on the individual and maybe the enabling environment. He therefore advised government to help our youths to grow and then achieve their dream.

Bishop Daniel Ekpong on his part described Prof Isong as an excellent person who believes in doing things right and giving the best result for any task given to anybody. He is a very straight forward human being and he expects you to do your work thoroughly. We have known ourselves for sometimes now and for the time we have spent together, he has been fantastic.

According to him, “It’s a planned life that will be useful. We cannot grow beyond what we have sown. Prof has sown his life into handwork and that is why he has attained this height today.

Bishop Daniel who warned youths against resorting to short cut in life admonished them to imbibe this culture of taking out time to suffer in a process and get result than cut short and get a destructive result. Stressing that everything you pass through in life is a school and in school the suffering you go through, you must reap the reward. Whatsoever you get from God is a gift to you and whatsoever you do with that life is a gift from you to God, he added.

On his part, Mr Ayuba Malo eulogised Prof Isong and said his about him is in two- fold, namely: from the professional perspective and as a consultant. Malo said he has learnt a lot from him and that he has seen someone who works with . He works with care as a father and I also admire the relationship he enjoys with his employees.

“If you look right now you will see the glowing faces his employees actually wear as you look at them. He is more like a father, even though he is an employer to them. He is one person that has actually carried them along and he is tutoring them to make impact in life. So my experiences in that aspect is an exceptional one, he said.

He called on Nigerian youths to be simplistic, sincere, open and be accountable because that is the person I know of Prof Isong. He is one person that is down to earth and be focused with your goal. If Nigerian youths can emulate him, I am sure the youths will be great in  life. Prof Isong will not know me you will be amazed to hear this. It is based on my work with him on the background and my interaction with his employees that I have come to know the person that he is.

He called on leaders in government take a queue from the life style of Prof Isong in the aspect of governance. ” When you are leading, you lead in  such a way that the hen carries their chicks, carrying everybody along and then when they are in danger, you cover and protect them and that is how he has been as a leader and employer and father, Mr Ayuba said.

Prof Prince Isong who narrated how he was able to conquer all obstacles said though he was born into a royal family but he decided to go on a selfless service, serving great men just to make sure he carved a nitche for himself.

In his words: “I believe that everyone born should learn how to be humble. Secondly, spend time to listen to your creator for a way forward. Know exactly what God wants you to do and how he want you to do it.

“I was born to a Royal father who ruled over 142 communities as a but you know in those days, education was not too important. They believe that everyone of  us born then will earn their way through farming. But I decided to go on a selfless service, serving great men just to make sure I can make it for the future.

“From primary to , I trained myself with proceeds of . When school close I look for something to do for me to move further just to meet my educational needs.

As a business consultant, we (Centre Point Executives International Services) have been existing for over 19 years now since Nigeria approved our license as a consulting firm. But we have made a lot of impact. Over 52 persons are working in our firm with great impact across the globe not just in Nigeria. We are touching lives both in various aspects – government religion, education etc.

My message to the youths especially those who believe that their parents should do everything for them – that is not the aims and objectives to life. I still believe that there are some parents that will live to see their children buy car for them, build house for them and cloth them.

Prof Isong advised Nigerian youths to think of the future and not to depend on people but instead depend on God first, and then depend on themselves.

He informed that his organisation, called Centre Point Executives International Services dwells on background. “When people lead well, they can help the poor ones and once you can work with passion you don’t think for the negative, you don’t call one  two, and you don’t call three six, he said.

In our Organisation, we maintain the rightful part of life to the extent that when our name is mentioned, other international  communities say yes, they have reasonable men and women there. It is not all about eye service.

He noted that has been the major problem of Nigeria and Africa as a whole. Adding that a leader who does not have what it takes to lead, it means that you are not qualified to be a leader. A servant leader must be faithful, trustworthy, honest and God fearing.

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