Ahmed Lawan’s Sweet Karmic Punishment By Farooq Kperogi

Ahmed Lawan wanted to set his party–and the country– on fire by conspiring with the cabal to not only discard the -South power sharing formula his party agreed to but to also sidestep a primary so that he would have been arbitrarily imposed as APC’s “consensus” presidential candidate.

He didn’t care that his narcissism would have inflamed raw ethnoregional passions, ignited disabling tensions, and convulsed the foundations of the country.

Well, thankfully, instead of the country, it is his cushy legislative career he has set on fire with his own hands.

The man won the primary for his Yobe senatorial seat has stoutly bucked pressure to relinquish the seat for Lawan. He said Lawan can’t have his cake and eat it or, as we say it in Nigeria, Lawan can’t eat his cake and have it.

So, Lawan has lost both a shot at the presidency and the senate seat he has held for years. I wish karmic retribution were always this swift and sweet for treacherous villains.

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