Election Rigging, Fraud: Museveni Gives 3-Day Amnesty to Perpetrators to Come Out Clean

By Chris Udochukwu

Abuja (Precise Post) – Ugandan President, Yoweri Katuga Museveni has given those involved in election rigging and electoral fraud a three-day amnesty starting yesterday 10th September 2020 to come out clean.

Museveni who stated this when took to his twitter handle @KagutaMuseveni, said they will announce the true results and prosecute those fraudsters if they do not need this call.

The tweet reads:

Museveni said “In villages where voting did not happen for one reason or another, the exercise will be done.
Also, NRM district chairpersons should be neutral in these party primaries. All in all, we must have order in the party.

Poll rigging, voter bribery and intimidation are some of the inherent attributes of the NRM cult over which you preside. So you are not fooling anybody, this is what you have taught them and it’s all they know but come 2021, we’re going to undo all this mess you have created.

On the issue of my relatives getting involved in politics.
In Matthew 12: 46-50. Jesus says His brothers are those who do the will of His Father in Heaven.
For me, like Jesus, my relatives are all and any NRM member who does the right thing according to the party constitution.

My name should not come up when my biological relatives are contesting.
However, I will table in the party CEC the issue of high-ranking party officials backing their relatives to fight other NRM contenders.

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