#NDDC: Reminiscing About the Past – Case of Trio of Anini, Ajinga and Akpabio

Abuja – Godswill , a dizzying ascent from Akwa Ibom as Governor to the upper legislative Chamber , as a Senator, nothing could have announced a bond between the trio of Anini, Ajinga and .

It may sound like a tale by moon light for Children born in the early 90’s but it is a true life story.

Bond by their genial disposition to dispense stolen and looted funds, though the three are geographically apart, while Anini Osunbor, who terrorised Benin City for years in the early 90’s laying siege on Banks, carting away millions, were celebrated by market women in Benin, where he occasionally struck throwing wads of Naira in the market place and on the road for passersby.

Ajinga, was born in a rustic village in Otukpo, Benue, born with native intelligence, as a royal blood he had unlimited access to elders in the village, where he dispense his stolen items.
For years he visited farms, harvested whatever produce he liked, Chicken and goats were not spared. The elders were aware but they were benefitting from Ajinga, until Ajinga, killed a goat one night as usual. He took some parts to selected elders in the wee hours of the day.
But this last exploit exposed the hypocrisy of the elders as the victim raised an alarm and Ajinga was invited to the village square to swear Alekwu, an oath that forbids stealing.

The implications are not far fetched as Ajinga went from one elder to other, bent down speaking to their ears , telling them “na the meat I bring to you in the night”.

After going round the elders who were the beneficiaries, the same people who were to administer the “Alekwu”, Ajinga told the gathering” I am ready to take the oath, but who ever, including but not limited to the person that stole the goat, that ate the meat will suffer the same fate with the suspect.”

At this point, one of the elders stood up and announced to the gathering that what Ajinga went round to tell them was that he was ill and if you are ill Alekwu forbids you from taking the oath, so Ajinga should be left alone.

like Ajinga has succeeded in bringing to a halt the probe of , for exposing the lawmakers as accomplice.

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