‘Selfishly’ We Need Her Here, Michigan Democrats Hesitate on Whitmer as Biden’s VP

WEST BLOOMFIELD, Mich. — With Joseph R. Biden Jr. expected to announce his choice of in the coming days, of Michigan has suddenly joined the pack of leading contenders in the home stretch — a turn that has some Democrats in the state excited, but has left others concerned about how they, and Michigan, might fare without her.

Talk of her 11th-hour political momentum began after she took a secretive, chartered flight to Delaware from Lansing, Mich., this month for a two-hour conversation with Mr. Biden, a trip first reported by The Associated Press.

That Ms. Whitmer, a well-regarded Democratic governor of a battleground state, could vault into the top circle of contenders shows just how fluid Mr. Biden’s selection process has been — but it also illustrates the complex considerations involved in choosing a based on her record during a crisis, one that shows no sign of ending soon.

Ms. Whitmer’s spokeswoman, Tiffany Brown, declined to comment on the vice-presidential speculation or her boss’s travel schedule.

While much of the attention around Mr. Biden’s impending decision has focused on the energy that high-profile candidates like Senator Kamala Harris of California could bring to the campaign, Ms. Whitmer’s supporters say that her response to the coronavirus in Michigan makes her an appealing for a contender looking to contrast himself with President Trump.

“I think she deserves it and she’d be phenomenal,” said Barry Goodman, a lawyer who sits on the finance committees for the campaigns of both Ms. Whitmer and Mr. Biden.

The NewYork Times

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