2016 Failed Coup: 92 People Bag Life Sentences in Turkey

By Our Corresponent

(Precise Post) – The Ankara court on Wednesday sentenced 92 defendants, including former generals to life in prison or attempting to violate constitutional order.

The trial was linked to the 2016 abortive putsch by a faction in Turkish .

The trial, focusing on the incidents at land forces headquarters in Ankara, started in 2017 with 132 defendants on trial.

Out of the 92 life sentences given, 12 were aggravated life sentences, state news agency Anadolu reported. Aggravated life sentences are the most severe terms possible in .

Twenty-eight people were given varying jail sentences, with some facing up to more than 19 years in . The charges ranged from to membership in an armed terrorist organisation.

The court acquitted nine people of all charges, while trial will continue for three others, Anadolu reported.

blames U.S-based Fethullah Gulen for the attempted coup on July 15, 2016 and has jailed thousands over alleged links to the cleric.

Once an ally of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Gulen denies any role in the failed attempt that left more than 250 dead.

Ankara has designated Gulen’s movement, accused of infiltrating key state for decades a terrorist organisation.

Several trials related to the coup are still ongoing in Turkey.

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