Daniel Omoyibo, The Phenomenal And Peerless Philanthropist

By Dr. Prosper Ahworegba

It is not usually the wealthiest in society that are philanthropists. Charitable giving is an attribute of those with excess milk of human kindness..

Over the years, Daniel Omoyibo, also known as Danmotech, his company name, has established himself as a phenomenal and peerless philanthropist.

As a foremost philanthropist, he has been been recognized by several civil society organizations and national newspapers and awarded laurels.

Daniel Omoyibo gives without ceremony, and he gives big; from cars to cash to buildings.

Even though he has been a renowned giver, the race to the House of brought his kind-heartedness to the fore. His support for one of the candidates saw him buying countless number of cars for those who he believed could be motivated to see his candidate through the primary election.

My first encounter with Dan Omoyibo was at Chief Eta Enahoro’s event at Oyede, in early 2016, where we sat together. Chief Eta Enahoro, my friend and classmate, introduced us to each other and we exchanged phone numbers. A couple of times thereafter, we met again at Chief Eta Enahoro’s and other events. Each time, we exchanged banters over drinks. Even though Omiyibo has evolved and he is able to make and secure friendship even with those who disagree with him, our friendship, midwifed by the Iyasere didn’t blossom.

In 2018, my father in-law, the immediate past Ovie of Igbide, was to celebrate his 44 years on the throne and he laid on my shoulders the onerous responsibility of anchoring the event. We needed to raise N10m for the auspicious occasion. Soon after, I ran into Dan Omoyibo along the road at Oleh. I briefed him. Pronto, he promised to make a donation.

A week later, his soul mate paid the debt every mortal owes. I paid him a condolence visit which I followed up with a Whatsapp condolence message. I was shell-shocked when he responded that I should send to him the bank account of the Coronation Anniversary. I did. A couple of minutes later, I received the notification of transfer of N2m. I was wowed. The loss of his soulmate was enough reason not to make good his promise. And no one could have held it against him.

This post was prompted by another cheery news of his charitable giving – the of the school fees of all the entire students in his department at the University of Science & Technology, Ozoro. Just imagine the burden that he lifted off the shoulders of poor parents.

Omoyibo’s charitable giving is of high intensity, vivid, intensely relatable and without ceremony. He needs to be encouraged to continue on this path.

In a clime where some privileged politicians dip their leprous fingers into the common til and rule the roost by giving out peanuts from their loot, it should be worth our while to acknowledge a private individual who generously empower people from his hard-earned resources.

Omoyibo is a good man, a worthy Isoko son that deserves to be celebrated.

I want to earnestly urge him to formalize his charitable giving by establishing a foundation or charitable trust. Alfred Nobel, Ford, Pew, Rockefeller, etc were philanthropists who established foundations that have outlived them. Back at home T.Y. Danjuma, Anyiam-Osigwe , etc have charitable trusts and/or foundations through which they dispense philanthropy.

The giving is structured and sustainable. Additionally, it makes the founder(s) to live to posterity. I wish Dan Omoyibo could establish one.

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