Don’t give up on Nigeria – Okorocha

By Chris Udochukwu

Abuja (Precise Post) – The representing Imo West in the Senate, Owelle has sympathized with President Muhammadu Buhari for standing alone in the face of daunting that has bedeviled his administration.

The Imo lawmaker said this in Abuja when he played host to the APC Progressive Minds from state who came calling on him at the Unity House.

He said the bitter truth was that the APC reward system was not benefiting and this was responsible for the anger seen across the nation.

He said “ I sympathize with president Muhammadu Buhari at this moment because everything is on him, no one is defending him, the Ministers are not speaking, the Directors are not speaking, then the masses that should say listen at least our president is doing something are not speaking, then everyone is bottled with anger of some sort’.

“That is the problem that we have, problems are bound to occur or exist, but handling of the problem is a different thing”. “If you go to a family, where there is no money but they are united what comes out from there is very very sweet, but here where people are not united, the words are very bad”.

“Don’t give up on Nigeria, Nigeria must be better, a new Nigeria is coming soon, in this ‘New Nigeria’ the reward system, will be near-perfect and young men and will have a place’.
Speaking earlier, the leader of the group, Kalita Aruku said they were at the Unity house because they share the passion of .

“Your Excellency your track record speaks volume; we have closely followed your antecedents and know that you have consistently show commitment to the development of Nigeria’.

“We know what Imo looked like before you became governor of that state and we know what it looks like today, all thanks to your vision for the state, that is why we have come to pledge our commitment to you”

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