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Exposed! Comments of Bwala Daniel that warranted attacks from Nigerians on X

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ABUJA – Dr Bwala Daniel has come under severe attacks and criticisms from some Nigerians after posting a comment on his X account.

Precise Post recalls that Bwala had taken to his X account and posted as follows:

“will lift up mine eyes unto the hills, from whence cometh my help.
My help cometh from the Lord, which made heaven and earth.”

This comment has elicited diverse views and responses from some Nigerians and political pundits critical to his political manouvering in recent times. Without any iota of pretense, his critics to the their own X accounts and reacted as follows:

Dr. D Udo said:

“I feel your pain, Sir….after all you’ve done, Chairman of Governing Councils were flying around yesterday, at least one suppose touch your hand..it is well…your help indeed cometh from the Lord…He will reward you at the appropriate time, keep looking up to the hills.”


“Someone that can’t manage his life will manage university?”

Divine KayCee:

“Na rock go jam am lass lass from on top of that hill, he should keep looking.”

chima ihesiulo

“No appointment yet? Baba don’t worry, you need to work harder.”


“Are you sure? A man of integrity is a man with conscience void of offense towards God and man. He wouldn’t lick people boots to survive.”


“Your help comes from APC 🤣🤣🤣😂😂 a man without principle and integrity is a nobody”


“Keep thinking you are looking up the hill, from somewhere that looks like 1004, but behold all you’re seeing is gorges capped in molten pikes, HD!”

Ekeh Emeka Richard:

“God help you. Amen. Since you are gradually abandoning the Legal practice to becoming a data boy.


“Yo help comes from supporting & singing PRAISES 👏 TO TINUBU even when a blind-man that can not see but could feel that the Tinubu government or era is monumental FAILURE. #thunder


“Try to read this as well: Judas 1:1, “thou that sold your soul to the evil doers for the love of 5 pieces of silver, know ye that thy brain stop to work when thou receive the mark, APC.”

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