For The Second Time, Ozo Emerges Head of House

Abuja (Precise Post) – Luck is on Ozo’s side as he has once again won the Head of House game for the second time. 

After winning the game, he went ahead to choose Nengi as Deputy. 

He emerged winner of the games after beating 13 other Housemates at the arena. 

The HoH and DHoH have immunity from possible eviction and access to the luxury lounge for the week. 

They can host a guest each in the lounge. With that in mind, Ozo and Nengi proceeded to nominate Neo and Vee as their lounge guests. 

Ozo had a tough time selecting his deputy the last time he won. But this time, it came as no surprise that he selected Nengi as his deputy. 

The 27-year-old Ozoemena ‘Ozo’ Chukwu made history as the only Head of House that coordinated the Housemates to their first wager challenge week in third week. 

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