God took me from grass to grace” Actress Luchy Donalds counts her blessings as she clocks 31 in style

Nollywood actress, Luchy Donalds is 31 today, May 28.

The actress has released gorgeous photos to mark her new age.

Penning a sweet message to herself, Luchy Donalds noted how God brought her up from a nobody to somebody, from grass to grace.

She appreciated God for changing her story and for the countless blessings he has given her.

Luchy Donalds is 31

“Happy Biggest birthday to me. God where and how do I start thanking you. From a nobody to somebody. From grass to grace. You turned on mighty lights upon my life. You keep increasing me on every sides of my life. You have be giving me strong health and life, you keep protecting me every second of my life. If my whole body is full of mouth, it won’t still be enough to thank you. I am grateful Lord, Happy Birthday to me”.

Luchy Donalds had sent warning to her female colleagues who flaunt endowments on social media.

The actress while in an interview with Potpourri noted how decency has become old school in the society.

“Nowadays, decency has become oldskool to a majority of our society. Do not get me wrong, anybody especially an adult has the right to do anything. For me, it’s okay to look beautiful, to be stylish and fashionable. It’s good for you as an individual, good for the brand you want to build. But what I do not condone is nudity. That is where I draw the line.
Some people see it as an act of desperation, clout chasing, to trend or get traffic on your page. To me, it does not in any way speak well of the person involved and the brand you are trying to build. (One can lose jobs, contracts or endorsement deals with big and reputable organizations because no one would want to work with someone that goes naked on the internet),” she told Potpourri.

Luchy Donalds is 31

Luchy Donalds who is an embodiment of beauty and brain, also revealed her selling point as a script interpreter.

She said, “My face, my body figure. God Almighty has blessed me with beauty and I know that goes a long way but most importantly is my talent. This is paramount because with beauty and no talent, your brand as an will not sell. So my talent speaks for me and that sells me.”

When asked what been sexy means to her, the Imo State indigene said, “Compliments are supposed to be like little confidence boosters. A compliment is when someone expresses their admiration for how well we did something or how well we look. A kind word really does go a long way. Especially, when we are single and it comes from the opposite sex. But not everything that comes from the opposite sex our culture deems endearing is a compliment. Like being called “sexy!” “Sexy” in our society has become a replacement adjective for “beautiful” or “nice-looking”, but I have to be honest with you—this type of compliment to describe a woman’s beauty is totally inappropriate.
For a man to call you (a woman he isn’t married to) “sexy”, is him expressing his unrighteous lustful desires toward you and The Scriptures are clearly against being drawn away by the lusts of the flesh. As women, we are to be respected (and act) as dignified beings created by The Most High. We are to teach others how to respect us by controlling what we allow. And allowing random men to call you “sexy” is a form of disrespect.”

Luchy Donalds is 31

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