“I Like You, That Is Why I Act This Way Around You” – Tolanibaj Pours Out Her Heart to Neo [Video]

Tolanibaj made a brave move in the BBNaija Season 8 All-Star Edition by confessing her affection for Neo after the Saturday night party.

Neo was plainly stunned and unable to answer immediately. Tolanibaj expressed concern about Neo’s relationship with Princess and advised him to avoid her.

Neo remarked throughout their talk that he had held Tolanibaj in high respect until her confession.

Tolanibaj then requested that Neo inform her that he no longer wants her presence.

Concerned Nigerians who watched the video shared their opinions in the comment section.

Watch The Video Below:


reacting to the post;

@zakia4sure: “Tolani has been interested in Neo since the lockdown season.”

@Nenzhelele: “I still remember Tolani telling Vee that she’s in a healthy relationship is that healthy relationship that is making her want Neo so bad?”

@Cherie: “She didn’t even have to say it the whole world knew including neo himself. don’t forget this is neo oo, very smart.”

@My Variety Shop: “She has finally said the truth was tired of her calling Neo her “comfort person” nonsense.”

@ODUMODU’S WIFE: “If you thought Tolani got over Neo in Lockdown, you actually thought.”

@Riam: “They have seen how he treats ladies. Everyone wants that same pampering.”

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