Matawalle Blows Hot, Vows to Deal With Politicians Sabotaging Security in Zamfara

By Simple Okechukwu

Abuja (Precise Post) – governor, Bello Metawalle has vowed to take “drastic actions” against politicians who are sabotaging his effort at securing the state.

Speaking at a meeting with , and of at the in Gusau on Thursday, Matawalle said there are usually attacks anytime he is not in the state.

The governor said he summoned Garba Tambari, Emir of Maradun, to explain how two were killed in his domain.

“As I am speaking to you right now, I received text messages that, 13 people were killed in Bingi and 11 others were in Nahuche, all in the Bungudu local government area,” he said.

“I also received another message just now that, some people are staging a demonstration between Anka and Jangebe. Another report reaching me right now indicated that the Yansakai have slaughtered two Fulani in Maradun local government.

“I wonder what is happening, but I am not surprised because I know that there are some who are always happy to hear that some people are killed in Zamfara.

“Let me send a strong warning to them, that as from today, I will take a very drastic action against those who are sabotaging our security efforts.”

The governor lamented that “many people” are bent on making Zamfara unsafe for residents.

Precise Post recalls that the state governor came under severe attack recently for allegedly buying Hilux Van for repentant Insurgents and given the huge sums of money.

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