No Regrets Appointing Sanusi Emir – Kwankwaso Replies Ganduje

Abuja (Precise Post) – Former governor of , Rabiu Kwankwaso, has reacted to statement credited Governor Abdullahi Ganduje saying he has no regrets appointing Muhammad Sanusi as the .

Speaking at the presentation of “Dear (An )”, written by Bonaventure Melah, a former managing editor of the Daily Times Newspaper. Ganduje said Sanusi was appointed to spite former , adding that he is not fit to be emir.

“Sanusi was appointed not because he was the best man for the throne, but to retaliate what Jonathan did to him,” the governor said.

Jonathan had suspended Sanusi as governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) after the economist raised the alarm that $20 billion oil revenue could not be accounted for.

But in a statement on Thursday, Muhammad Inuwa, Kwankwaso’s aide, quoted the former governor as saying Ganduje is not a progressive.

“Certainly, everyone that knows Governor Ganduje will attest that he (Ganduje) is not progressive and hence, that was why Kwankwaso deliberately refused to consult him on the choice of Muhammad Sanusi II as new emir,” the statement reads.

“If not for the colossal standing of , Ganduje’s presence at the event would have affected what is otherwise a fantastic gathering of respectful Nigerians.

“We were, therefore, not surprised, given Governor Ganduje’s reputation for shamelessness that he attended such an event merely to spread lies and mischief with regards to the coronation and the subsequent illegal of the , Muhammad Sanusi II.

“Therefore, the choice of Muhammad Sanusi II was made among other contestants because he is the most knowledgeable in both Islamic and .

“He is the most experienced and enjoys a tremendous amount of support and goodwill from the kingmakers, the Emirate council, and indeed the good people of ; this was what informed his appointment.”

Precise Post recalls that Governor Ganduje dethroned Sanusi in March and banished him to .

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