Nuella Njubigbo leaves many in awe of her post divorce glow up

Nollywood actress, Nuella Njubigbo has received lots of from her fans and lovers for walking away from her toxic marriage.

The actress who filed for divorce from her producer husband, Tchidi Chikere of 7 years in 2021 has left many in awe of her post divorce look.

Many of her fans noted how the actress has been glowing, shining and having lots of fun since leaving her marriage.

Nuella Njubigbo had shared a TikTok video where she was lipsynching to an Igbo song.

Her beauty and up caught the attention of her fans who couldn’t help but hail her.

queen_alpha_wrong : For real…she’s looking all sifter than fresher…she come even dey enter my eyes…make I no go click the follow and DM button on her page o… Although I still believe it’s about peace of mind…Not basically about the new partner..

skincarealadunni : U think it’s easy….she just needs to be happy for her children

ekahoneygal : Peace of mind

packagedjteejuiz : A lot of women learned their lessons after divorce, when they’re ready to move on, they stopped playing victims, they reduce the ego, check themselves and fix some of what they’re doing wrong, most women become better, more peaceful and loving after divorce, the man that cleans in after that are mostly lucky

lillyama1 : Asin I thought so too… She is just glowing and living the baby girl life

uzzy_lilian : True sha, she’s now more engaging in social media and she seems to be having fun

princess_gracey_30 : The ladies just want to be free, no one care about marriage anymore

puchisgrace : And my twin said this some days ago oh, she said nuella is glowing and she is living her best life now

dimaondevee : Nuella looking better than before

Tchidi Chikere had made a shocking revelation on how his actress wife, Nuella Njubigbo fled their home and divorced him.

For the first time since his split from the actress, Tchidi Chikere had spoken out on why his 7 year old marriage hit the rock.

He made this known after a troll carpeted him for defending Yul Edochie.

According to him, Nuella Njubigbo took her things and sneaked out of the house without his knowledge.

Indirectly pointing out the reason why she left, he stated that majority of women felt like they own the world.

The filmmaker pomised to share his side of the story someday.

He wrote, “My first marriage lasted 11 years.. my second lasted 7 years.. until she took her things and sneaked out of the house. The problem with some of you women is you think you run the world because men don’t talk. Maybe one day I’ll tell my story… Maybe.. if I feel I really do need the of one track minded people like you. Now get off my page or shut up”.

Nuella Njubigbo post divorce glow up

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